Sunday, 31 July 2011

Week 3 In Scope

Oh yea yea yea, time flies. It's already here for 3 weeks. Life still running pretty good, relax saje. Still the same chit-chatting with my gangs. Have been allocate to our department. okey, everyon eis buzy with their own staff, i mean the stuff in the department. No one care us. So we're in the meeting room for a week. :'( Chit-chat. Study. Having class. Kacau ppl meeting. Listen to the tele-conference with Chennai. Wau, Chennai's English is full with indian sound. All words seems so curly.

Cute little yellow when we 1st enter to our department.
Wui Wui, Milo is a must for everyday. But so sad it is out of stock after mon ==
Hoping that it wil be restock 2mr :)

Sister went for the company dinner last sat. That's why she went for make-up. Actually make up is not that hard lor. Macam drawing on the paper nia, different is that u draw on the face. Is quite expensive actually.

Dang Dang, she looks so different !!!! Mature than me!!!

Hahha, have my mug in the office now. *wink snoopy ♥♥

with label :) Collegue was laughing @ me!!!

& yes Permanent Marker & Nestum!!!!

Chicky Buscuit in the Ofiice ♥
We nearly party in the freezing meeting room.

Went dating with all my darlings "Peggy, KingFung, WeiHow, Alex & KeeShen". Seriously i almost went crazy in this 2 days. Not understand why am i doing so, men-ya-sui-kan sendiri je. i love the sentence that fung said. use ur "hot face to put on ppl's cool face"- chinese. I not understand, not understand, why are ppl acting like that. "一种米养万种人", that's why the word exist lor. 

*wink, new glove for office wear. Ppl was saying me crazy. But im serious, our office is pretty cool!!! Mb someday later i need to have Universal or Winter Time jor. But i think that my office is cute. Colleague have a dophin huggie to accompany her to work, even during meeting. It's just like home. Pretty good rite?
Bought a new glove for office wear.

Tomorrow, another new day with new buddy, eventhough i just have my new buddy-Farah for few hours. She feels that im too talkactive :) wahahah. She even asking the boss whether im the most talkactive in the gang or not. Well, i will say "No". I have competitor okey. Wahahahah

Muahahahah, waiting my dar dar Mr Hor to visit me. ♥

Weekend is love ♥ with dar dar & all my darlings.


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